you have questions. we have answers.

You are always welcome to email or call us if you have additional questions or want more information.

when can I arrive and how old do I have to be?

We know, we can’t wait either! The studio doors will open 15 - 20 minutes before each class starts. Best arrival time is 10 - 15 minutes before class so you can settle in and get ready for your practice.

Regular group classes are designed for adults age 18 and over. 13 - 17 year olds are welcome to attend with a parent/guardian.

what do I do when I walk in the door?

Smile! Once you enter you will sign-in at the desk with the friendly face there to greet you.

The studio is shoe and cell phone free, so place your shoes on the rugs and belongings in a cubby before entering the studio room. Socks are okay in the studio.

Peace is beautiful and we respect it. We ask you do the same and turn off your cell phone.

can I walk in singing a song?

We are happy you’ve arrived and wish we could express our delight by singing along with you. However, many yogis arrive and begin their practice before class starts, so please maintain low voice volumes and quietly enter the yoga studio. Remember your mat is your sacred space. Be mindful, it’s part of the practice.

can I find a date for Saturday?

We would love nothing more than for you to find your sweetheart in one of our yoga classes! We just ask that you let them fall in love with the unscented version of you. Please be mindful of not wearing perfume, cologne, scented lotions or essential oils. Your neighboring yogi might be allergic or have aromatic sensitivities.

what do I bring?

  • A mat. If you don’t have one, that’s okay. On your first visit your mat rental is on us! Mat rentals are available for $2 on future visits. Wonderful Jade mats are available for purchase in the studio.
  • Reusable water bottle. If you don’t have one or you forget, you can purchase one in the studio, and they are so cute they are sure to make you smile.
  • Some yogis also like to have a hand towel in case things get sweaty, but it’s a personal preference. If you decide you want one, super soft and absorbent Jade towels are available for purchase.

what do I wear?

Yoga doesn’t care what your hair looks like. Yoga doesn’t care if you wear Lululemon or Prana. Yoga doesn’t care if you shave your armpits. Yoga doesn’t care if you wear mala beads.

Yoga is just happy you show up. Wear whatever is comfortable for you to move in. Men should wear a shirt or tank and if shorts are shorter than mid thigh, biker/spandex shorts underneath is best. There is dedicated space for you to change into your comfy clothes. 

where do I leave all my stuff during class?

First and foremost, leave your precious jewels and wads of cash at home. Cubbies are available for your stuff and the entrance door to the studio will be locked during class. Keep in mind that Mindful Elephant is not responsible for lost or stolen items. For your comfort and safety, please, no cell phones or bags in the studio room.

where do I park?

2 hour street parking is available on 20th St. and around the neighborhood, in addition to metered parking on other surrounding streets. Just make sure you allow enough time to read, reread and reread again the lovely parking signs to ensure you don’t come out of class with a note from PPA. If you do get a note, make sure you sign up for tomorrow’s class to relieve the stress.

do I have to sign-up online?

Give yourself peace of mind by signing-up online and know that your spot is reserved. This also makes your check-in super speedy so you can get right to your mat. If this is not an option for you, arrive at least 15 minutes early to class to potentially grab any remaining spots. Open spots are allotted on a first come, first serve basis.

what if I arrive late?

If this happens, we’ll be sad that we didn’t get to practice with you. Out of respect for other yogis and the teacher, no late arrivals will be permitted. All classes start and end at scheduled time. Best arrival time is 10-15 minutes before class starts so you can settle in and get ready for your practice.

what if I need to leave early?

Well, that is kind of like skipping dessert or not taking the medal when you win the race. You miss the most delicious, sweet, rewarding part of your practice. To respect the peaceful and meditative state of other yogis, we ask that you not leave class early unless you have a medical emergency.